Workout Routines

Jump tuck

Get super-toned legs

Article Oct 29, 2015

Strengthen and tone your lower body in one explosive, but simple, move from Kristoph Thompson

HIIT: the most efficient way to exercise?

Article Oct 9, 2015

Only have 20 minutes to spare? Not a problem!

The back attack workout

Article Jul 9, 2015

Sculpt and tone your back with Shock Absorber's amazing back exercises...

Mix it up to shed those bingo wings!

Article Jul 1, 2015

Try one of our fave 2-in-1 classes for some seriously good-value fitness

Why you should try out the TRXCore class

Article Jul 1, 2015

Suspension training to take your core strength to the next level

Core workout routine

Article Jul 1, 2015

Become you own personal trainer and tone your abs to perfection with these easy core workouts