Master weight loss motivation

Article Dec 6, 2012

Bust boredom during your longer workouts by trying these ideas

Feeling tired and tempted to skip the gym today? Before you do, read these motivational tips to bust boredom and make your next workout an exciting one!

1. Think about a goal you have. It doesn’t have to be realistic – it could be anything from dancing with George Clooney to fitting into your jeans. Just let your mind wander and enjoy the boost!

2. Get into a rhythm. Use music or just the rhythm of your feet hitting the pavement. Focus on it, connect to it and let it carry you.

3. If you’re on a cardio machine, imagine you’re in the great outdoors and visualise a journey that takes you over hills, along smooth, flat roads, over bumpy moguls and across rivers.

4. If you’re training outside, visualise your route as a map in your mind. Keep focusing on the next road, gate, lamppost or corner, until you reach your finishing line.

5. Focus on your core and posture. Keep checking them as you work up a sweat.