Homemade sports bites

Article Sian Lewis Oct 17, 2012

Want healthy, natural energy for your next workout? That's easy! Here's how to make your own energy bars.

Like us, nutritional therapist Jenna Zoe (upcakes.co.uk) is a firm believer that the right foods can set you up for a great workout. The problem is energy bars can be packed with sugar and processed ingredients that can undo all your hard work. Zoe believes you can get a better result by making your own bar – so we’ve asked her to show you how. ‘These sports bites are clean and simple,’ says Zoe, ‘They taste delicious and are perfect for giving you that energy boost before the gym! They’re also cheaper than traditional shop-brought bars, which is a bonus.’ The variety of superfoods used in this recipe means you'll be working up to an explosive workout session as they contain so many health boosting properties. 

Hemp seeds
 The seeds are full of magnesium, which helps muscle contractions and nerve function, plus they contain good fats and protein.

 Almonds are packed with protein to help fuel your workouts and protect your muscles from the damage caused by long sessions. They also help keep the overall GI value of this snack pretty low, so you don’t suffer from a sugar crash mid-workout.

Dried apricots 
These are a great base for energy bars because they’re sweet and contain immune boasting Vitamin C, bone-strengthening calcium and fatigue-fighting iron. 

Coconut oil This is one of the tastiest healthy fats around and can help keep you slim thanks to its medium-chain fatty acids, which help regulate your metabolism and give you an energy boost.

Explosive Energy Sports Bites

Makes four bites

Per serving: 

102 calories

2.2g protein

6g healthy fats



1. Place ¼ cup unsalted almonds, ¼ cup unsulphured, dried apricots, two teaspoons hemp seeds, two teaspoons coconut oil, 
a drizzle of good-quality vanilla essence and a pinch of powdered cinnamon in a food processor and pulse until smooth. 

2. Separate into four parts and roll into round, compact shapes. 

3. Chill them for an hour or pop them into the freezer until firm.

4. Treat yourself to one of the bites 30 to 60 minutes before your session and watch your energy levels explode!

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