New Year detox

Article Jan 21, 2013

Women's Fitness contributor and naturopathic nutritionist, Nicola Shubrook, reviews her 2013 detox experience

Every year I like to embark on a ‘detox’ of some description, but working full-time (and from previous experience) I know that doing a juice detox isn’t enough to sustain me so I was delighted to see that Soulmatefood does a Detox Plan that includes solid food! 

All the food was tailor-made to my specific requirements – my weight, the amount of exercise I do a week and the fact that I don't eat dairy. And it was delivered to me at work, fully prepared with each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks a day) in its own separate container – ready to eat or be zapped in the microwave. 

I’d opted for a purely vegetarian plan and the food was super-fresh and tasted delicious – my favourite had to be the beetroot, edamame and lentil salad. I wasn’t ever really hungry, experiencing just a few minor pangs, but I did struggle to exercise on the detox plan – and felt quite faint after my second run of the week.

Soulmatefood offered to increase my calorie intake if I was struggling (I was on 1,500 calories a day, in line with my BMR), but I was happy to stick with the plan. I just grabbed an apple if I got desperate and I stopped running for the rest of the week.

I experienced a headache three days in, but nothing a good night’s sleep couldn’t cure. And after just one week on the plan I was full of energy, my skin was clearer, I’d lost a few pounds (I think – I don’t own scales) and felt really good about myself – so much so that three weeks on I still don’t drink coffee and am making my own breakfasts and soups for lunch.

Soulmatefood is a great way to give your healthy eating a kick-start – eating nutritious food rather than depriving yourself. The food was delicious, the service was excellent (I used Twitter to ask them questions) and the results were definitely worthwhile. I would certainly use Soulmatefood again and am impressed by their healthy and realistic approach to detoxing.

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