Simple Dinners

Article Sian Lewis Oct 29, 2015

Read on for our interview with award-winning food writer Donna Hay.

What inspired your new book ‘Simple Dinners’?  
'It was all about the inevitable 5pm question: what am I going to cook for dinner? And the ensuing panic, I have no time to cook! This book is about making delicious meals using what’s already in the pantry and few fresh ingredients that can be picked up on the way home. Simple Dinners is, hopefully, a solution to that daily dilemma.'
  Day-to-day how would you describe your style of cooking?  
'I love clean and fresh flavours put together simply. If you’re using great seasonal produce, there’s no need to complicate things with fussy techniques. I prefer to let the ingredients shine.'
  What is your favourite quick fix dinner?  
'This changes daily, depending on the produce available and thanks to working in a test kitchen and studio! But, I must admit, chicken is usually my go-to ingredient for a tasty and quick dinner.'
What ingredients do you always have in your kitchen for a quick meal?  
'I always keep good olive oil, fresh chicken breast fillets, garlic, tomatoes and chilli. Add fresh salad leaves and yoghurt and you have the base for many great meals.'
  Are Asian flavours the easiest to work with when cooking food in a hurry?  
'The ability to add a kick of intense flavour is a definite advantage of Asian ingredients, not to mention they lend themselves to fast cooking. There are also so many great flavour combinations you can create with a well-stocked pantry of Asian-style condiments and ingredients.'

Donna Hay's new cookery book Simple Dinners (Hardie Grant) is available to buy now through Amazon.

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