Best workout DVD

Article Louise Pyne Jan 24, 2013

Want to snap into shape fast? Get lithe and lean with this top workout DVD

Lynne Robinson’s Inch Loss Pilates

Get fit in the comfort of your living room with this top toning DVD. Lynne Robinson is one of the UK’s most well-established Pilates gurus and has been dubbed the Queen of Pilates – judging by this DVD it’s not hard to see why. It targets the entire body, particularly areas of concern for women like the tummy, bum, thighs and upper arms. Her instructions help you to really feel your muscles working in different ways to a normal workout, so the goal of a long and lean physique doesn’t seem far away.

There are two workouts that can be done alone or back-to-back depending on time restraints and desired intensity. The first targets the whole body with interesting moves – great for those who usually find Pilates a little on the boring side – that are challenging and effective. The second is geared towards trouble spots and is great for a quick blast. Those who are new to Pilates will benefit from the Fundamentals section, too, so you needn’t worry about poor technique.

Recommended for those who are looking to boost their sport, tone their muscles and correct their posture. But you won’t find a fast-paced, gruelling workout here. £14.99,,