Fitness Tips

Cycling London to Paris

Article Jun 29, 2015

Cycling London to Paris… in 24 hours. H&F's Art Director, Lucy Pinto, reveals all.

The best fitness apps for small budgets

Article Jun 26, 2015

If money is tight, make sure your body is too with these cheap and cheerful apps

Get a hot bikini body

Feature Jun 18, 2015

If the thought of stripping down to swimwear for summer fills you with dread, our simple tips will get you feeling awesome in no time

Workout playlist ideas

Article Jun 16, 2015

Need to amp up your workout? Download these tunes...

Protein cheesecake recipe

Feature Jun 16, 2015

With this clever recipe, you can actually boost recovery with cheesecake. Yes, really!

How to lose fat

Feature Jun 12, 2015

Want to look trim in 2015? Follow our top tips for beating the bulge.

10 ways to exercise without trying

Article Jun 12, 2015

No time for exercise? Try these sneaky tricks to work out with almost no effort at all...

10 ways to sleep better

Article Jun 5, 2015

Forget counting sheep – if you have trouble drifting off into a peaceful slumber, try our directions to the land of Nod instead.

Challenge yourself with #runsupyoga

News Jun 2, 2015

Want to try something new to really test yourself? Find out why #RUNSUPYOGA is the challenge of choice this summer