Fitness Tips

How to get rid of love handles

Feature May 21, 2015

Say goodbye to stubborn love handles and uncover those abs with these tips...

Prep your bike for a cycle event

Article May 14, 2015

You pay have put in the hours training, but your bike needs attention too...

Swimming Workouts

Article May 14, 2015

Looking for a way to change-up your workout? Why not swap your gym kit for a pair of goggles and take a dip in the pool instead!

How to get rid of your muffin top

Article May 14, 2015

Stubborn weight around the middle? Eugh, we hear you! Use our diet and exercise tips to beat that muffin top

You can be healthy on a budget

Article May 7, 2015

No really, it is possible! And we're here to prove it, says Ellie Moss

Your guide to staying fit and healthy

Promotion Apr 30, 2015

Safeguard your future and embrace a healthy lifestyle with these top tips and expert advice

Ten top marathon tips

Article Apr 20, 2015

Get all prepped for the big day with this top advice

Be:Fit returns to London this May

News Apr 14, 2015

Join hundreds of other female fitness junkies on 1st-3rd May for the exhibition featuring all things health and fitness

What's your exercise excuse?

Article Apr 10, 2015

Shore up your fitness routine and get your body in gear with these stay on track solutions says Louise Pyne