Fitness Tips

10 reasons to get on your bike and achieve your summer body!

Article Aug 27, 2015

Saddle up to change your life, says Louise Pyne

Are you pushing yourself hard enough?

Article Aug 20, 2015

Jogging on the treadmill whilst having a gossip is not going to reap real results - it's time to get down to business!

10 ways to beat your gym plateau

10 ways to beat your gym plateau

Article Aug 13, 2015

Not getting the results you want? Don’t lose motivation – tweak your workout!

Five reasons to start boxing

Article Aug 12, 2015

Time to hit that punch bag for some big fitness rewards

Just keep swimming

Article Aug 6, 2015

It's the all over body workout you need to include in your workout routine!

Top fitness tips for summer

Article Aug 6, 2015

Stay fit this summer and retain your fitness A-game with these expert tips!

Try a new trend, try Gym Class!

Article Jul 31, 2015

Gym Class combines the balance between strength training and metabolic conditioning, so go on, try something new!

Running tips to push your limits

Article Jul 24, 2015

Get in the zone with these great tips and make some amazing gains!

Make Exercise a Habit

Article Jul 24, 2015

Turn your fitness routine into a habit by staying on track with these easy solutions

The Power of 10

Article Jul 6, 2015

Try 10k, the distance race you need for the ultimate leg workout