Fitness Tips

Fitness blogs: The top 10 #MotivationGurus

Amanda Khouv

Got a spare 5 minutes? We’ve found 10 top health, beauty and fitness blogs to brighten up your browser!

Best workout songs

Need some help putting together the soundtrack to your workout? We have some suggestions...

Weight training for women

Amanda Khouv

Weight training is the perfect way to boost your metabolism and torch fat, so it’s no wonder strong is the new slim

Kettlercise and kettlebells

Lose weight AND tone up with kettlebells

Resting heart rate

Want to find out how fit your really are? Your resting heart rate could tell you

Walking for weight loss

Ellie Moss

Looking for an easy way to boost your fitness? Take a walk!

Fast weight loss

Amanda Khouv

Need to shift the pounds, pronto? Here are the smart ways to torch fat

How to get rid of cellulite

Win the battle against cellulite with our top tips