Fitness Tips

Gym workouts for women

Amanda Khouv

Take your gym workout from ok to awesome with these top tips...

Toning exercises: thighs to die for!

Get leaner, stronger upper legs with a mixture of toning exercises

10k training plan

Health & Fitness

Nike Master Trainer, Joslyn Thompson, tells us how to train for a 10k in just EIGHT weeks with this simple and effective plan

10 Ways to Lose your love handles

Show that plateau who’s boss and blast through the last stage of your weight-loss mission

Fat burning exercises for women

Amanda Khouv

Get in tune with your nervous system to really boost fat loss

Core strength exercises

Amanda Khouv

Want a middle that'll make you proud? Make it happen in three simple moves

Lose belly fat

Amanda Khouv

It takes an all-round, holistic approach to health to get a flat tummy

Fight Klub the boxing fitness class

Health & Fitness

Introducing Fight Klub, the boxing fitness class with a nightclub atmosphere!