Fitness Tips

Running tips for women

Article Mar 27, 2015

Ace your next race with these top tips

Bikram yoga

Feature Mar 27, 2015

Heard about Bikram yoga? Read our top tips for surviving yoga in the heat

The 10 exercise commandments

Article Mar 27, 2015

Want to make your workouts easier and get more out of every session? Follow these top tips and tricks to boost your results

Boost motivation

Article Mar 19, 2015

Top tips from the experts to keep your motivation sky high!

Marathon training rest and recovery tips

Article Mar 18, 2015

Kick marathon butt with these rest and recovery tips

The final countdown

Article Mar 11, 2015

As race day approaches, take your running to the next level with our secret training weapons

The lazy day workout

Article Mar 8, 2015

When your best excuse is ‘I can’t be bothered’, this easy, speedy circuit has you covered

Motivation masterclass!

Article Feb 27, 2015

Up the fun factor of your workouts with these easy peasy suggestions!

No sports bra should celebrate its birthday

Promotion Feb 24, 2015

Decent workout wear is essential for a safe, comfortable workout. And that includes what you wear underneath your fit gear…