Fitness Tips

The ultimate squat challenge

Article Jun 24, 2016

Want to fine-tune your control and balance? Get down to it with this single-leg move

Train like an elite

Article Jun 22, 2016

Want to work out like your favourite athlete? Strength training is your answer!

Dead strong

Article Jun 20, 2016

Want to bolster your muscles and get better at everything you do in the gym? Perfect one of the three big lifts: the deadlift

Leg raises

Feature May 11, 2016

Away from the gym and looking for a kit-free way to train the abs? Try leg raises

How to get rid of cellulite

Feature May 11, 2016

Win the battle against cellulite with our top tips

Cankles: say goodbye to them!

Article May 11, 2016

Keep your legs slim and trim with this exercise targeting wide ankles!

How to get rid of love handles

Feature May 11, 2016

Say goodbye to stubborn love handles and uncover those abs with these tips...

Couch to 5K

Article May 11, 2016

The perfect way to get you off the sofa and back into running

Kettlebell exercises

Article May 11, 2016

Have you tried a kettlebell workout? Try doing these exercises to add variety and get more from your workout

Healthy habits made easy

Article May 9, 2016

Sick of making promises you can’t keep? We’ve asked the experts how to reboot your life the healthy way, for keeps

5 things NOT to do at the gym

Article Apr 29, 2016

Avoid the most common mistakes when you exercise and see your results double.

Protein shakes for women

Feature Apr 14, 2016

Looking for a protein shake that really packs a punch? We can help


Article Apr 8, 2016

Pro trainer Jean-Claude Vacassin reveals the best way to train for weight loss

Pedal power

Article Apr 8, 2016

There are so many reasons to get back into cycling – or try it for the first time – get started with our top tips

Give back and get fit

Article Apr 8, 2016

Think you don’t have time to help others? Think again, discover how to be fit while doing good


Article Apr 8, 2016

Personal trainer Jean-Claude reveals how to exercise right for your age group, starting with your 20s.

Get Fit With Your Dog!

Article Apr 2, 2016

Research shows that running with a canine friend could boost your fitness levels. Here’s how to get started

How to run further

Article Mar 24, 2016

Training for a half marathon or marathon? Get motivated with our tips!