Exercise for Weight Loss

Cycling for weight loss

Spin classes are all the rage these days! Check out our pick of the best classes out there!

Weight training for women

Amanda Khouv

Weight training is the perfect way to boost your metabolism and torch fat, so it’s no wonder strong is the new slim

Walking for weight loss

Ellie Moss

Looking for an easy way to boost your fitness? Take a walk!

Fast weight loss

Amanda Khouv

Need to shift the pounds, pronto? Here are the smart ways to torch fat

Circuit training

Amanda Khouv

Want to work up a sweat, burn serious calories and get fitter? Try circuit training

CrossFit: why you should give it a go

Bored? Lost your motivation? CrossFit could help you rediscover your fitness mojo!

How to get rid of your muffin top

Got some extra weight hanging around your middle? Use our diet and exercise tips to beat that stubborn muffin top

Explosive fat burners

Fancy your dream body, but don't want to leave the house? Then look no further...