Beat cellulite

Article Jul 1, 2015

Flatten your tummy in just six weeks using Power Plate!

Whether you're off on a late-summer hol or just fancy getting your legs out, the appearance of cellulite can be pretty frustrating. Luckily, we've put together a quick and easy Power Plate workout to combat signs of that stubborn orange peel effect. So, wave goodbye to any dimples!

Power Plate master trainer, Caroline Pearce says if you perform specific moves on the vibrating platform that directly target the cellulite problem areas – bottom and thighs – then you’ll stimulate blood flow to the area and increase lymphatic drainage. This, Pearce says, should help you see a dramatic improvement within just six weeks – or faster if you combine H&F’s Power Plate moves with your existing cardio regime.

Exercise 1: Bridge

Hold for: 60 seconds
Hertz: 30-35htz on low setting
Works: Bottom and core

How to do it: Lie in front of the Power Plate with your back on a mat. Place your feet in the centre of the platform and adjust your position so you can lift your hips off the floor and balance your body weight between your shoulders and your feet. Try to keep a straight line running from your shoulders to your knees. Pull your belly button ‘up and in’ to activate the core of your body and maintain a strong back.

Exercise 2: Lunge with lateral raise

Hold for: 60 seconds
Hertz: 30-35htz on low setting
Works: Gluteals, quadriceps, shoulders and core

How to do it: Stand on the floor facing the Power Plate, one stride’s distance away. Holding a strap in each hand (adjust to your height requirements before you begin), place your right foot on the middle of the platform. Ease your left foot back on the floor until you form a lunge position, and lift the left heel so you are balanced on your toes. Drop your knee down towards the floor, keeping your front knee behind your toes and your torso up straight. Lift your arms straight out to the sides, level with your shoulders, to form a ‘T’ shape keep your wrists, elbows and shoulders in a straight line with a slight bend at the elbow and maintain tension in the straps by pulling upwards throughout.
Progression: Increase the depth of the lunge as you exhale and turn your palms to face the ceiling.

Exercise 3: Squat with bicep curl

Hold for: 60 seconds
Hertz: 30-35htz on low setting
Works: Quadriceps, gluteals, and biceps

How to do it: Holding the straps, stand in the middle of the platform with the controls behind you. Ensuring your knees stay behind the line of your toes, lower your hips into a squat position. With your palms facing up, lift your arms in front of you, keeping a slight bend at the elbow. Focusing on your biceps, continuously pull on the straps as hard as you can. Try not to let your shoulders come forward as you tire.

Exercise 4: Quad massage

Hold for: 60 seconds
Hertz: 40-50htz on high setting
Works: Quadriceps

How to do it: Place a mat in front of the Power Plate. Position yourself onto the base with the front of your thighs resting on the platform. Rest your forearms on the mat in front of you to support your upper body. Keep a strong, flat back. You can also place a step underneath your torso and arms to aid rest. Close your eyes, relax your breathing and enjoy the massage. You deserve it!

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